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Update: 04-02-2021

Dear customers.
We have updated our website with new and restock ex: PERU

Expected  :
Philippines +/- 24000 items

Indonesia: +/- 13000 items (Bats, skeletons, beetles, etc ...)

Europe: +/- 2500 items (Butterflies)

Thailand: +/- 9000 items (bats, skeletons, butterflies, etc ...)

Be sure to keep an eye on our website!

Due to Brexit, customers from the UK may have to pay additional customs clearance costs. These are charged to you by customs and are not included in our invoice or shipping price.

Due to the enormous orders, we can no longer accept orders with spread butterflies and / or spread insects before May 2021.


Due to the Covid-19 measures, orders can only be picked up if they have been fulfilled. And this by appointment.
We do not accept cash.
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