Borax 100gr
Borax 100gr
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Sodium tetraborate hydrate. The mineral borax or sodium tetraborate is a sodium borate with the chemical formula Na2B4O5 (OH) 4 · 8 H2O. Chemically, the formula of the compound is also often written as Na 2 B 4 O 7 · 10 H 2 O.


A solution of borax and water is great for getting rid of dirty spots on mattresses, blankets and furniture.
Borax is a powerful ingredient to get rid of oil and dirt that accumulates on pots and pans.
Stainless steel or porcelain fridges can be disinfected with a mix of borax and lemon juice.
This product is perfect for loosening accumulated dirt that sticks to the toilet.
Use a mix of borax and lemon to get the shine back on metal objects and get rid of rust.
Borax keeps cockroaches, bedbug, ants and other insects away that you generally encounter in your home.
This mineral is also good to get rid of weeds that overgrow your garden and green places near the house.
Borax can be used for cleaning and disinfecting walls, floors, sinks and other household areas that easily get dirty.
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